London’s Tower BridgeLondon’s Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge

Weddings are held in the intimate Bride master’s dining room with on looking views on the magnificent river Thames and other historical buildings such as the tower of London.

The London Arts ClubThe London Arts Club

The London Arts Club

The an very unusual yet popular for couples to tie the knot is in the arts club in Dover Street, London. The art club has a luxurious hall and can contain up to 160 in its magnificent three floors.

Kew GardensKew Gardens

Kew Gardens

This world heritage site in Richmond is now offering its beautiful gardens to be waltzed around by new bride and grooms. Many people have had their wedding there, as the actual wedding is held in the Cambridge cottage, which is licensed for civil ceremonies.

Natural History Museum

This famous successful museum in London now offers wedding services to people everywhere. Couples have been known to have their wedding in the central hall amongst all the historic artefacts and the beautiful architecture.

Central London Golf Centre

Many golf fans who love the outdoors have decided to elope in London’s main golf course in Burntwood lane, as they feel it has a nice atmosphere, and is great to get married doing the sport they love and in their favourite location.

The Absolut Icebar

The Absolut Icebar has become the first venue in the heart of London to allow marriages in temperatures of minus 5 degrees. Imagine the day. You start with the ceremony being held in the ethereal surroundings of the Absolut Icebar, sweeping down an aisle constructed of the purest ice harvested from the Torne River in Sweden.

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If current affairs and world politics float your boat then you might want to consider that you can now marry in the heart of the media world.