Summer Weddings

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time for a couple. The first step in this process is deciding when to get married, and the summer months are a great choice for several reasons.
A venue is an important factor when planning a wedding. Taking advantage of warm summer months means even a simple field of grass can be turned into an elaborate setting for a wedding. Any venues with lakes, ponds, or fountains are great choices because of their versatility, romantic ambiance, and opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. The beach is also a great option couples often take advantage of in the summer.
There is no need to be stressed over the weather on your wedding day. Most venues provide inside alternatives if your outdoor plans are rained out. There are also multiple shaped, sized, and colored tents available for rental in most areas.
Outdoor weddings are often decorated with flowers that not often available in other seasons. Popular choices like hydrangea’s, gerbera daisies, and chrysanthemum’s are all in bloom, making them cheaper to acquire than other months of the year. If a natural approach is the couple‚Äôs style, they can even take advantage of wildflowers that are not available in the other months of the year.
Another thought to consider when deciding when to have your wedding, is the traveling of your guests. Believe it or not, people would rather travel during the summer than winter months. They usually have fewer factors to take in account when traveling, such as weather conditions. Out of town guests can often plan their vacations around these events, especially if the wedding is held in a unique area.

A big plus for summer brides are the numerous options for her wedding dress. Over 75% of all wedding dresses manufactured are sleeveless, meaning the bride will be able to pick from an abundance of dresses instead of just a handful that are made with sleeves.
The summer months are a great time to have a wedding, with a little planning a couple can take advantage of all the season has to offer.