Winter Weddings

Winter WeddingsWinter Weddings

A wedding is a time for great joy. Two families become one as the ceremony concludes and in the end a romantic and magical time is had by all. Feelings of nostalgia occur in those who have walked the aisle before and people in general feel that special warmth inside themselves at the showing of love and commitment.
There is one thing that does not sit well normally in this venue though. Ultimately someone must by the bill. Weddings are notoriously expensive even for simple ceremonies. This is why many people have chosen to become wed in the winter.

Most weddings tend to occur in the spring or summer. There’s something to be said about the warm sunny days and beautiful weather. This is one of several reasons why many wedding provider services charge less in the winter. This is considered their off-season and they are glad to take any work they can get.

The cheaper venue cost is not the only item of interest of course. A winter wedding can have themes and events that no summer or spring wedding could ever utilize.

Some suggestions for winter wedding themes include snowflake patterns, white crystal drink ware, and specialized plates. If you decide to have the wedding around Christmas time then all manner of Yule oriented additions would work well, including holly boughs and glittering lights.

A winter wedding lends itself well thematically also. You can tool your individual vows to include concepts like, “No matter how cold it is outside, I’m always warm because you’re in my heart.” There are many ways to make a wedding truly romantic, memorable, and entertaining in the winter.

Continue the theme of the winter wedding by utilizing attire fitting the season. A wedding dress with faux fur can really accentuate the beauty of the bride. If the groom wears a matching ensemble, without the fur, of black with tails it will lend a class and elegance to the event that many summer weddings cannot compare with.

In the end, a winter wedding is more cost effective, unique, and lends a quiet sophistication to any wedding venue.