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The Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding VenueThe Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding Venue

The Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding Venue

It finally happened, he asked the question that all women wait to hear at one time or another in their lives, “Will You Marry Me”? After everybody has calmed down later, the next question that pops up is usually, “where should we get married”? Why not get married at the Central Park Boathouse and use it as the perfect wedding venue? Central Park in New York is just huge and beautiful enough to accommodate all types of weddings.

Underground at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Like the tourists, wedding couples and their guests first have to descend into the Deep Mine on Britain’s steepest passenger railway, which has a gradient of 1 in 1.8. Perfect for adverturous couples who want a wedding to truly remember.

London’s Tower BridgeLondon’s Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge

Weddings are held in the intimate Bride master’s dining room with on looking views on the magnificent river Thames and other historical buildings such as the tower of London.

Kew GardensKew Gardens

Kew Gardens

This world heritage site in Richmond is now offering its beautiful gardens to be waltzed around by new bride and grooms. Many people have had their wedding there, as the actual wedding is held in the Cambridge cottage, which is licensed for civil ceremonies.

Bath Race Course

It has been known for horse racing fans to have their civil ceremony at popular race courses. The most popular race course known for being a good wedding venue is Bath racecourse in Avon because of the spectacular backdrop and the good buffet menu.

Chester Zoo

Animal lovers have even married in Chester Zoo in Upton-by-Chester in Cheshire. It is weirdly quite a common place to get married and many people have said that they have enjoyed their big day being surrounded by the wild animals.

Disney World wedding

Many hundreds of people have been recorded to have their wedding at Disney World in Florida in the famous Wedding pavilion. It has been known for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and often the guests to dress up as Walt Disney characters and then go on rides afterwards instead of the reception.

The Absolut Icebar

The Absolut Icebar has become the first venue in the heart of London to allow marriages in temperatures of minus 5 degrees. Imagine the day. You start with the ceremony being held in the ethereal surroundings of the Absolut Icebar, sweeping down an aisle constructed of the purest ice harvested from the Torne River in Sweden.

Niagara FallsNiagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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