The Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding Venue

The Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding VenueThe Central Park Boathouse as a Wedding Venue

It finally happened, he asked the question that all women wait to hear at one time or another in their lives, “Will You Marry Me”? After everybody has calmed down later, the next question that pops up is usually, “where should we get married”? Why not get married at the Central Park Boathouse and use it as the perfect wedding venue? Central Park in New York is just huge and beautiful enough to accommodate all types of weddings.
Make your fairy tale come true with a magical wedding in Central Park. You can enlist the help of the wedding planning team at the park if you wish. Paperwork, fees and permits must be filled out ahead of the wedding and having the team work with you can be a great help.

The wedding planning team can get all the permits and security required, along with creating and maintaining a check list for the ceremony. They will if requested, make all the arrangements for photographers and flower deliveries. You can get referrals for make-up, hair artists or accommodations, which is awfully helpful if you are not familiar with the area.

The team will select a wedding official, minister or pastor for the ceremony, if that is what you wish. And last of all, we hope it is never needed, but they will create a highly workable disaster plan to be put in place in case the weather turns awful.

Now that you have the wedding planning team on your side, where do you want to hold the event in the park? One of the most popular areas in the park for photography shots and weddings is the Conservatory Garden. Some other locations equally as beautiful, that you may wish to hold the ceremony in are, the Shakespeare Garden, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill or The Pond. The wedding planning team can provide you with a full list of areas.

Why not arrive at your wedding in style? Did you know that you could make quite a splash at your wedding by arriving in your very own horse-drawn carriage? You can set up the reservations at 212-664-1149. Congratulations on holding your wedding venue at the Central Park Boathouse!

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December 9, 2009

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